Update on the Fast Metabolism Diet Experiment

Hi Friends!  Well, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that I lost 5 pounds the first week I did the Fast Metabolism Diet.  The bad news is that I didn’t stick with it and gained all the weight back.


It was the social engagements on the weekends that threw me off.  At first, I was determined to not let it derail me and start over.  But after 3 weeks of re-starts, meal planning, and rule-following, I decided to just try to eat healthy and balanced on my own.

So far, that’s working pretty well.  I’ve been feeling good and running strong but the weight hasn’t come off like I would have hoped yet.  I guess this is what they call a “Non-Scale Victory (NSV).”

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In sum, here are the pros of the Fast Metabolism Diet:

  • You feel great while you are on it and have lots of energy.
  • You really do lose weight.
  • You don’t feel starved since you’re eating so frequently.
  • The recipes are good, healthy, and usually have limited ingredients the whole family can enjoy.
  • The weekly planning isn’t terrible especially if you have the app.

The cons of the Fast Metabolism Diet:

  • You have to be really committed.  You are supposed to stick with it for 28 days and if you mess up, in theory you are supposed to start over in order to fully reset your metabolism.
  • It is difficult to be social and go out to eat while on this diet.
  • The extensive meal planning can be stressful if you’re not naturally inclined to do that all the time.

If any of you have tried this diet or other diets and found success or similar struggles, I’d love to hear your stories!  It would be great to hear what works for everyone.

Until next time, happy running!


One thought on “Update on the Fast Metabolism Diet Experiment”

  1. The diet world remains a struggle. I always had problems to gain weight. I would be what is called a hard gainer because I have a fast metabolism.

    I was able to gain 5 kilos after eating A LOT of the right foods and training intensely. But I always found it annoying to eat 6 meals a day and be constantly thinking about food and counting calories.

    However, when I became a dad I somehow magically lost my muscle mass and got a little fluffy. (Not a kilo heavier though).

    Now that I’m trying to get leaner again I’ve found that intermittent fasting and keto is really the best thing I’ve ever found. You should research it and give it a try. It’s amazing.

    All the best,

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